Australian Class 1 Explosives Signs

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In essence, wherever Class 1 Explosives are Stored or Transported, Dangerous Goods Panels, Placards and Signs must be displayed.

Consequently, there are strict guidelines to follow. For this reason, peruse a relevant article here: Australian explosives code.

Explosives Emergency Information Panels

Important to realise, to Transport bulk explosives, there must be adequate signage. This may be in the form of Emergency Information Panels. Similarly, there are explosives Placards for Hazard Holders here: Dangerous Goods Placards.

Explosive Storage signs

By the same token, Storage of Explosives has Clear regulations. Please read Explosives regulations. ADG Explosives Placards and Panels must be clear and concise. Comparatively, the Storage Panel is different to the Transport Emergency Information panels. See them here: Storage panels. Also, There are other Explosives signs Explosives signs.
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