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Reflective Give Way Sign R1-2 RD181

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SKU: RD181
This is a Class 1 reflective sign. Choose from 750mm or 900 high. This Sign complies to Australian Standards. You can use the pole mounting bracket TD-1 (our A4001 part number). There are two mounting holes in the aluminium to accommodate these. Because of the size of the sign, you can mount it with channel bracing. See the pole hardware here: ( click here ) If you are not sure, CONTACT US HERE You will need at least 2 channels, (see here) and 2 double or single bolt saddle clamps (see here) and sliding bolts (see here) (depending on the size of the pole) Usually people use a 410mm channel on the bottom and a 560mm channel towards the top. These channels are usually pop riveted onto the sign. You may want an extra short channel for the bottom.
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