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Reflective Tape V2650

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SKU: V2650
Reflective tape suitable for clean, flat, rigid surfaces. 45.7 Metres South Korean Class 1 micro-prismatic, High Conspicuity retro-reflecting sheeting with great durability and reflective performance. 7 year life, meets related Australian Standards. Non-edge sealed roll (not 3M, but same quality). Comparatively, this Waterproof Class 1 reflective Vehicle Marking tape is one of the best on the market. Different from the 3M tape byway of no edge sealing. Nevertheless, if you keep away from this Class 1 tape with the pressure cleaner, it will last for years. Alternately, if you like to pressure clean your vehicle or machinery, you need the 3M Reflective tape with the sealed Edge. 3M Sealed Edge tape