Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q:   How long does it take to send me the safety signs I’ve ordered ?  A: If ordered before 11am and we have them in stock we will endeavour to ship the same day. If we have to make them, usually the next working day. Class 1 and Class 2 Reflective usually takes 2 days before delivery as we need to make sure ink cures and sign remains optimum quality.

Q:   What size safety sign do I need ?  A: We have a guide for you on the ‘about us’ page. You should also check as to what the Australian Standards require for your signs.

Q:   Can you make up other signs that are not listed on your website ?    A: Yes, if you look on our ‘design a sign’ page, you will see a cache of common templates there which you can add you own text into.  We realise that we won’t have a sign for everyones needs, so we can make up whatever you wish for. Just contact us.

Q:   Do you have a shop near me ?  A: We are situated on the Northern Gold Coast and you can pick up your order from our office/workshop if that suits. We ship Australia wide and you should have your order within 2 – 6 working days, depending on where you are.

Q:   Why are there Quarantine signs and Biosecurity signs in the same group ?   A:  All Quarantine signs are now replaced with Biosecurity signs in accordance with Australian Standards 2015.

Q:   What is the difference with Class 1 reflective and Class 2 reflective ?   A:  Class 1 reflective is the diamond grade reflective signs that are used on Road signs such as speed restriction signs. Most of those signs must be made from this to comply. Class 2 reflective is designed for any sign you wish to be highly visable at night. It has a wide angle of reflectivness and is very bright. Class 2 has a easy to read text on during the day.

Q:   Where should Photo Luminescent signs be used ?   A:  Generally Luminescent signs should be used indoors for emergency exit purposes. It works best where a good source of artificial light charges the material. When power goes out is emits that energy source as a “Glow Property”. It will glow with no power source for up to 4 hrs.

Q:   Do you import these signs from overseas ?   A:  No, we make our own signs from materials locally sourced.

Q:   What type of sign should I buy?    A:  Walls or fences: Aluminium or Steel.  Poles: Aluminium.  Kitchens:  Polypropylene or Vinyl.  Doors or internal walls: Any of these materials including our brushed aluminium signs.

Q:   How do I attached my sign ?   A:  For pole signs we sell the clamp brackets. For walls and fences we also sell the fixings on our sign fixing hardware page. For polypropylene and corflute signs we recommend you don’t use construction adhesive or any silicones etc. with acid cure.  Double sided tape and normal silicone is OK

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