Regulatory Safety Signs

Shopping for Regulatory Australian Safety Signs is easy online here. These include Warning Signs, Danger signs, Fire and Emergency Signs, Mandatory and PPE signs, Restriction and Prohibition Signs. You can read more HERE

AS1319: Australian Standards Compliant Signs

Uniquely, combining WHS Warning Signs or Hazard Signs, Danger Signs, Fire Safety Signs, Emergency and First Aid Signs. Further, there are Mandatory and PPE Signs, Restriction and Prohibition Signs. Indeed, just Click on any of the images that relate to your Safety Signage needs. Certainly, we have many different categories at national safety Signs. Moreover, to find your sign easier, enter a keyword in the Search box at the top of this page. When you have selected a product, add it to cart. Almost done?, click on Shopping Cart, check your item are correct. Finally, click on Checkout and follow the prompts. Further, you can leave instructions as well. See the Australian Standards HERE

Regulatory Safety Signs include:

  • Danger Signs

Most importantly, these are signs with the word ‘Danger’ in a red oval on a black background. In addition to the Danger banner, only black text can be used. Indeed, the normal symbols used in other Safety Signage cannot be shown here. Danger signs mean there is something that may be life threatening. By the same token, a Danger sign may be incorporated in to a combination sign. In some fields, a Danger Sign may require a minimum text height.

  • Warning Signs

Warning Signs indicate a possible threat to Safety. In other words, A person may be seriously injured or hurt. Warning Signs must have the triangle with the black exclamation mark inside. Additionally, a Triangle with a symbol inside, can be used in conjunction with text. Warning Signs do not normally indicate a life threatening danger.

Fire and Emergency Signs

  • Fire Signs

Fire Signs are usually Red Background with white text. Again, there maybe certain letter heights needed on some signs. Please do your homework. A symbol may be used additionally to text. For example, a Fire Hose Reel fire sign, usually has the hose symbol. There are variations being used now days inasmuch as Brushed aluminium signs and cutout lettering for fire doors.

  • Emergency Signs

Notably, All Emergency Signs are green with a white text. Certainly, these are the only colours allowed for Emergency Signage. Emergency Signs include Emergency Exit signs, First Aid Signs, Emergency Shower and Eyewash, Emergency Equipment Signs and Emergency Assembly Point Signs. Indeed, there are many Emergency Signs.

PPE Mandatory Signs

All Mandatory Signs (PPE) specifically show a Mandatory action that must be obeyed. Additionally, Protective Clothing or protection (PPE) must be worn here. These Mandatory Signs are Blue with white text and symbols. Also, just the Symbols may be shown in certain Signs. These Signs must be clear and easily read. Furthermore, They may be used within a Combination Sign. Many examples of these are in Construction Combination Signs.

Prohibition Signs

In addition to the Mandatory Signs, Prohibition signs indicate an action that is not allowed. Furthermore, The action not allowed is shown by a symbol surrounded by a red annulus with a line though it. These signs are white with black text and symbols.

Restriction Signs

Finally, Restriction Signs show an activity that has a restriction. For instance, Speed Restriction Signs. Notably, these signs are white with a red annulus. Indeed, there are many other Restriction Signs. Like, Dogs on leash, Shared Road and swimming etc. Most importantly, these rules must be obeyed.

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How to Search for signs

As you can see on this page, we have grouped Just AS 1319 : Safety signs for the occupational environment signs together. Warning signs are recommended above Caution signs, as a Australian sign. Indeed, the Australian Safety Signs you are after may not be kept here. Importantly, the search bar up top is an excellent way of finding products. Just enter a keyword an hit ‘search (or Enter). Similarly, a good example for searching is if you were after a sign to advise about the danger of Forklifts. Similarly, there are Forklift Danger signs and Forklift Warning signs along with some other signs. If you use the search bar, you will see many different Forklift signs. Likewise, some of our most popular selling signs are: Parking Signs. Security Signs, road-and-traffic-signs, Traffic Signs, smoking-signs or No Smoking Signs and Hospitality and kitchen-signs.

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