Dangerous Goods Panels & Placards

Dangerous Goods Panels & Placards

Our Dangerous Goods Panels & Placards covers most all popular Labels, Panels and Placards. Indeed, a great collection of Emergency Information Panels for Transport and Storage and DG Placards and associated signs. Also, we offer many different materials and sizes to suit your needs. Furthermore, National Safety Signs sell flip cards and reflective tarpaulin banners. To search for signs, use the search bar up top to type in your keywords.

Emergency Information Transport Panels

Emergency Information Panels or placards must be displayed rear and 2 sides of transport carrying dangerous goods of more than 500 litres or 500 KG. EIP Panels must display Hazchem and UN numbers, a description and contact details.

Emergency Information Storage Panels

Storage panels similar to Transport panels, but without the contact information below. These are displayed prominently on or near the container or tank.

DG Placards

These must be a minimum of 250mm and comply to Australian Standards. Also available, flip placards or flip cards that can be used here. Most of these placards are sold in a 270mm size. Additionally, GHS labels are not to be used here. GHS labels are for packaging and small containers.

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