Barriers, Cones and Bollards

Road Safety Barriers and Cones

Temporary Roadwork Safety Barriers, Barrier Boards and Cones are available at National Safety Signs Gold Coast. Indeed, National Safety Signs stock Traffic Barrier Boards and Traffic Cones. Also we have Chevron Road Delineator and T-Top Bollards.

Traffic Cones

Firstly, we stock the non reflective Cones in different sizes. Secondly, we also stock the Compliant Reflective Traffic Cones. Similarly, these also are available in different sizes.
The compliant traffic Cones have a class 1 reflective sleeve.

Barrier Boards

Barrier Boards are 2.5Metres long. They are made from heavy duty Plastic 25mm thick (hollow reinforced core) by 190mm high. Weight is 5KG. Most importantly, there are two types of Barrier Board. The Median (or Centre Lane) and the Road Shoulder Barrier Board. Please note, the Median Barrier Board cannot be used on the left side of a road. We stock the Stands (legs) for the Barrier Boards. Please read blog HERE

Square Warning Cones

Square Cones have messages printed on them. They are 900mm high and quite Heavy Duty. Features of the Square Cones (Bollards), Are the bright Yellow colour and the sturdy heavy base. Furthermore, They have the addition of a hole for plastic chain and a top hole for retractable barrier or light. These Square Cones can be custom printed with your message. Similar to the Traffic Cones, they can also be reflective.

T Top Bollards

Stocks of T-Top Bollards in 5kg Bases or 8kg Bases are always on hand. Furthermore, We sell the tops and bases separately as well.

Retractable Barrier Bar

Similarly, there are Tiger tail Retractable Barrier Bars. Also, Flagging bunting, Plastic Chain, Barrier tape and floor tape.

Chevron Road Delineator

Likewise, Chevron Road Delineator complete or just replacement tops are available. These are priced very well and good quality. Certainly, contact us for prices on large quantities.

National Safety Signs Location for barriers and Cones

Situated at 3/140 Millaroo Drive, South East Queensland. See Google map reference.
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