Emergency First Aid Signs

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Emergency First aid signs – 1st Aid Signs

Emergency First aid signs such as First Aid Kit, Emergency Shower, First aid personnel, First Aid Equipment through to First aid kit stickers.

First aid

First Aid is defined as Emergency treatment of illness or injury in order to maintain life. Also, to ease pain and to prevent deterioration of the patient’s condition until professional medical help arrives. Consequently, to help with this, easy to read signs must be displayed in the workplace to aid with easy identification of First aid equipment.

Additionaly, affix First Aid Signs to First aid Rooms and first aid kits. Indeed, listed are 1st Aid Signs for First aid room and contact first aid personnel. Emergency Exit signs can be seen HERE and all the other Emergency signs such as Emergency eye wash, Emergency shower, Emergency assembly points, Emergency stop etc, you can find HERE

Reflective Emergency Signs

Reflective 1st Aid signs come in either Retroreflective, which is an engineered class 2 retroreflective, or a High intensity prismatic grade reflective (class 1 reflective). There are options on each product page. We offer these reflective signs as stickers if needed. Our signs variations are: Aluminium, Polypropylene, Steel, Corflute (3mm or 5mm) and decals. We can place an overlaminate over your sign for extra protection and extended life. Indeed, just select this option on each product page.

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