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Sign Mounting Hardware – Signfix – Band-it

Introducing our quality Sign Mounting Hardware page. All our Sign Mounting brackets and fixing hardware is available online. Importantly, we proudly stock Signfix Road Sign Mounting brackets and fixings. Also stocked, Band-it products and tools. Indeed, we have Mounting brackets for channel mounting.

Similarly, we also stock steel poles and frangible aluminium poles. Likewise we have the ground spikes (arrow) and pole bases. Our professional Sign mounting brackets comply to Australian Standards. Likewise, we stock Brackets and clamps for attaching your Safety Signs and Information Notice signs to fences and posts. The aluminium Pole clamps are made for 60MM outside diameter poles (50nb). Also, we have a single and a double sided clamp, along with split clamps of different sizes. These have bolts that hold your signs and dig into the pole to lock the clamp. If you have a different sized pole or odd shaped (square etc.), we can help. We have a Stainless steel bracket (A4002) listed here that attaches with a worm drive stainless steel clamp. We also stock the aluminium channel, steel saddle clamps and banding for Road Sign Mounting. Also, we sell Band=it banding tools and banding. Read a blog of ours HERE and HERE

Saddle brackets for sign mounting

Stainless steel Signfix ARC saddle brackets for the sign mounting channel in various sizes. Indeed, we have these from 60mm OD, right through to 165mm OD. Similarly, we have the stirrup brackets for the channel. We also stock the channel in pre-cut lengths.

Cyclone Wire Fence mounting

Furthermore, Have a look at the mounting system we have devised for mounting your signs to fences. You basically use a clamp in each corner and they are hidden behind the sign. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07 5665 8996 or contact us HERE

Sign Mounting Hardware

National Safety Signs can help you with Sign Fixing Hardware for mounting your signs. Prices are very competitive and we stock major brands. These quality brands are the world leaders in the sign mounting hardware industry. Read our blog HERE

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