Danger Flammable & Explosive Signs

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Danger Flammable & Explosive Signs

Danger Flammable & Explosive Signs, Danger Signs, Flammable Materials Signs, Flammable Liquids Signs, Flammable Gas Signs, Danger No Smoking signs, all available from National Safety Signs in their online shop. Indeed, Flammable and Explosive Danger Signs is just one section of a huge inventory of Danger Signs that are available here.

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In addition, our Site has the capabilities for you to create our own signs. To do this, just go to top of page, click on design a sign and create your own text. Also, remember, no pictograms allowed on these signs.

Section 4 of the Australian Standards AS1319–1994

Covers Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Signs:

  • Signs should be located where the messages are legible and attract attention and clearly visible to all concerned.
  • Signs should not be erected hazardously. For example: those projecting into passageways at such heights that persons, vehicles or machinery may strike them.
  • Signs shouldn’t be placed on moveable objects such as doors, windows or racks where a change in position would obscure the sign. This does not apply to signs intended to be portable or moveable.
  • The sign mounting location should remain accessible and visible. The possibility that the sign may become obscured by stacked materials or other visual obstructions should be minimized.
  • Sign visibility will be enhanced if a contrast exists between the predominant colour of the sign and that of its immediate surroundings.
  • External or internal illumination of signs should be considered where the general lighting (either natural or artificial) doesn’t provide adequate visibility of signs.
  • For maximum effectiveness, signs should be maintained in good condition and kept clean.
  • When considering placement of several signs close together, care should be taken. Having so much information in one place may result in little or none of the content being absorbed. The visual effect may be so confusing that it is difficult to distinguish individual messages.
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