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Boxed Edge Signs and Temporary Road Signs supplied by National Safety Signs. Temporary Road Signage comes in many shapes and sizes. Here, we feature the steel boxed edge signs. All Boxed road signs have hollow sides to install support legs. These legs are quite sturdy, but in high wind areas, you may need sand bag ballast for extra stability. Commonly, sizes start at 900x600mm and 1200 x 600mm. There are many much larger sizes. Also, these Temporary Road Signs are class 1 reflective and very hardy. Indeed, the boxing helps protect the face of the sign when being loaded and unloaded from vehicles.

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Additionally, we supply the legs (stands) or poles with brackets for our boxed edge signs. Notably, all our signs are manufactured in Australia and are warranted against defects. Our temporary road signs are made with class 1W prismatic reflective sheeting. Furthermore, We sell the A-frame stands for the signs. Also, we have bats, cones, bollards, chevrons, swing stands, barrier boards and multi-message signs and frames.

Freight and Delivery

Importantly, we can supply direct out of Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Of course, supplying other western States is possible, but could attract increased shipping costs. You can collect your order from our Helensvale store on the Gold Coast. Please check availability first. Call us to arrange a quote. Generous discounts apply for large orders.

Please note: When buying Temporary Roadwork Signage, always check Traffic Control Plans, Council, State Authorities etc. regarding the correct sign and size for your area and work site before ordering.

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