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Firstly, There is the humble TD-1 Bracket. This 60mm aluminium mounting ring bracket slides down the pole and is fixed by the same bolt that mounts the sign. Indeed, as the bolt tightens on the sign, the pointy tip drives into the pole, thus locking both into place. Similarly, the TD-1 Bracket also comes in a split version with a larger size option.

Secondly, there is the channel and Saddle Bracket set-up for larger signs. This requires Channel bracing on the rear of the sign coupled with some ingenious saddle or Stirrup brackets that can slide along the channel. Once set up, signs with the bracing are very strong indeed. Mostly, the brackets used here are ARC saddle brackets.

Thirdly, There are the Band-it clamps and strapping. The Band-it Banding is widely used on a lot of regulatory Road signs and signs attached to large poles and objects. Not surprisingly, there is a large range of brackets made by Signfix and Band-it to suit the sign mounting job. This strapping requires a special banding tool to tighten and the strapping is usually sold in 30 metre rolls. See the Banding brackets here: Band-it

In the event that you need galvanised metal Poles, they have them in set lengths. Similarly, We have Aluminium poles for special circumstances. Coupled with Break away Frangible posts, you will need to contact us for a shipping quote. Of course, local purchasers can pick up from Helensvale QLD.

Safety Sign Mounting

Certainly, shop for Safety Sign Posts & Brackets. Similarly, stocks of Mounting Channel and saddle brackets HERE.

We stock Sign Mounting Hardware:

  • Band-it Brackets
  • Signfix Brackets and Clamps
  • Band-it Banding and tools
  • Frangible Posts
  • Sign Mounting Channel
  • 60mm OD Galvanised poles
  • Street name Blade brackets
  • Sign Mounting Saddle Brackets
  • Wire fence sign mounts

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Sign Mounting Brackets and Hardware

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