Food Cross Contamination sign

Food Cross Contamination sign

Introducing our Food Cross Contamination sign for Cutting Boards. Firstly, avoid Food Contamination by using the right utensils and chopping boards. Secondly, Kitchen boards vary with colour, so, information is mandatory..

Likewise, Colour coded utensils should also be used. Importantly,

Place this sign in a prominent place where and easily be seen..

Chopping board colours

  • RED – Raw meat
  • BLUE – Raw Seafood
  • YELLOW – Raw poultry
  • GREEN – Fruit & Vegs
  • BROWN – Cooked Meat
  • WHITE – Bakery & Dairy
Food Safe

Usually, Kitchen Signs are manufactured from Food Safe Polypropylene Plastic. Likewise, all Food safe Kitchen signs are similar. Therefore, plastic signs are recommended .
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We Ship Australia-wide. Our Kitchen Safety Signs are manufactured in Australia, by us.

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