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What Types of barrier boards are there. Which direction is right to use

Which type barrier board direction to use on Main Roads

Which barriers should be used Main Roads is a question frequently asked. There are two main types of Barrier boards to re-direct traffic.

Shoulder Barrier Board

Firstly, there is the Shoulder barriers used to direct traffic away from the side of the road. The diagonal stripes will of Roadside Barriers flow down from the right to the left if used on the right hand side of the road. Secondly, if used on the left, the barrier board direction stripes will slope from the left top, down to the right lower. Also, if you look at the example picture here, you will see this barrier used for the Right hand shoulder.

Median Barrier Board

Median Barrier board are sometimes called Centre Lane Barrier board. Importantly, these Median barriers will always direct traffic to the left. Indeed, no matter which way you turn it, it will be correct. Whereas the Shoulder barrier cannot be used in the centre lane or median, the Median barrier cannot be used as a left-hand roadside barrier. Centre lane barrier board direction stripes do not suit the left roadside.

Where to buy Barrier boards and signs

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Australian owned store

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