Barrier Board with Stands Complete unit A40326

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Barrier board complete with stands. 2.5 metres long with class 1 reflective stripes. For Barrier boards or legs, go to the separate products Barriers and select quantity. Choose median (centre lane) or Shoulder Barrier Boards. Note: oversize item. Displayed freight price may vary, depending on destination and quantity. Contact us for freight quote and/or a quantity buy quote. HERE

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Barrier Board with Stands

Barrier Board with Stands, Complete unit, board and 2 legs. Barriers are Heavy duty ABS Plastic with Class 1 Reflective stripes. They comply to Australian Standards. Indeed, the class 1W reflectivity must be used for Main roads and highways. Also, they must also have the yellow legs and frames. Frequently needed on main roads and Highways, Road barriers are an easy way to direct traffic. Indeed, Road Construction, Road maintenance and general Road closures and restrictions need these Barrier Boards. Centre lane (Median) barriers can only be used on the right hand side of the road. This will show the diagonal stripes sloping the correct way. Similarly, shoulder Barriers are required for the left side.

Buying the correct barrier boards

Important to realise, how the sloping stripes work. A ‘/’ slanting down from the right to the left, means keep left. Likewise a stripe sloping from the left down to the right, means keep right. An example is in our illustration which shows keep left.


Wholesale prices on Barriers can be given if you buy the boards and stands separately. By all means, choose the shoulder or centre lane barrier together with the stands or legs. Owing to the stands being sold separately, please purchase two per road barrier.

Shipping As the barriers are an overweight and oversized product, extra charges may apply. At the present time, barriers will be shipped from Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast. With this in mind, it may be easier to contact us HERE for a quote on your order. Moreover, a quote on a quantity buy including shipping can be obtained.

Picking up from National Safety Signs on the Gold Coast. We welcome Median Barrier Board or pick ups from our store in Helensvale on the Gold Coast. Please check stock levels with us beforehand. You can phone 07 5665 8996. Additionally, an WA main roads document can be read Here

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