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Median Barrier Board A40323

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Highway and main road compliant Class 1W Reflective

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Median Barrier Board made from ABS plastic and featuring Class 1 Reflective stripes. Size is 25x2500x190. Legs sold separately.

A Median Barrier Board (centre Lane) shows the bars sloping to the left both sides. This means that traffic coming from either direction will keep to the left. Indeed, these Median Boards (or Centre Lane barrier boards) have sloping bars, set for 2 way traffic. Consequently, no matter which way the board faces or is turned, it is correct. The direction of traffic travel is defined by the slope direction of the yellow bars. For instance, If the bar slopes from the right, downhill towards the left, Keep left of this Barrier. Likewise, a Barrier board seen with the bars sloping from the left, downwards to right, means keep right side of this board. This board is different to the Road Shoulder barrier Board. The picture shown here, shows keep left.

Barrier boards and their stands are classed as overweight and oversized items. Please ask for a quote. Shipping shown by our website, will be incorrect. You can ask for a quote HERE

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