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Road Shoulder Barrier Board A40324

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SKU: A40324

Class 1W Highway compliant.

Price reduces with quantity. Choose quantity from drop down menu. You can increase the chosen number with the small quantity button. Legs sold separately. (see below)

Road Shoulder Barrier Boards are used for directing traffic away from the Road Shoulder. The diagonal stripe bars indicate which direction. Indeed, a bar sloping from the right, down to the left, means keep left. Similarly, diagonal bars sloping from the left, down to the right, means keep right. Shoulder boards differ from centre lane barriers inasmuch as the other side of the bar is the same direction. For example, say if this bar was see through, the bars would be aligned and will be the same both sides. Consequently, care must be taken placing the shoulder barriers as to which way the stripes slope.

Barrier boards and their stands are classed as overweight and oversized items. Please ask for a quote. Shipping shown by our website, will be incorrect. You can ask for a quote HERE Size is 2500 x 190mm
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