Trucks Loading Safety Cone A40500

From: $138.50

This Class 1 Reflective extra large cone clearly marks hazardous areas and displays a safety message on all four sides. Has slots to link together with plastic chain if needed. Stands 900mm high. We can supply 8mm chain in rolls or cut lengths. See here: Safety Barrier Chain. See other associated products here: Truck and Forklift signs

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Trucks Loading Safety Cone

Our Class 1W Reflective Trucks Loading Safety Cone stands out well. Trucks loading or Trucks unloading cone is made from Moulded plastic, this 4 sided cone resists cracks and chipping. Similarly, the Truck and Forklift Unloading cone colour fading is at a minimum outdoors. Most importantly, the wide base adds stability and stacks for easy storage.

Equally important, there are holes in the side of the cone to attach plastic chain to block off larger areas. Therefore, you can link multiple cones together. Also, see all the Cones and Barriers here: ( click here )
We have truck unloading signs in our store as well. See them here: truck and forklift signs.
As an illustration, view an interesting article here: Safe loading and unloading

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