Marine Oil Spill Booms and Kits Gold Coast

Marine Oil Spill Booms and Kits Gold Coast

Marine Oil Spill Booms and Kits Gold Coast are available from National Safety Signs. Seems like they have all sizes listed on their website and will deliver Australia-wide.

In the first place, there is the Marine carry bag spill kit. Uniquely designed for onboard stowage, this Marine spill kit has carry handles and is a 250 litre capacity. Secondly, There is a wheeled bin (wheelie bin) of a similar size. This is usually stored inside dock and waterside building and sheds. Lastly, we have the range of spill kit lockers.

Spill Lockers are available in three sizes. 400 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre. The 400 litre can be stowed aboard as with the carry bag spill kit. Again, it has a full compliments of booms and sweeps, along with waste bags and gloves. Likewise the 660 litre and the 1100 litre have similar contents, but much, much more. Also, the 660 litre marine locker and the 1100 litre marine lockers are wheeled.

Hydrophobic spill absorbents

Marine spill booms and sweeps only absorb Oil and Fuel, not water. Indeed, the contents are hydrophobic, which means they will not soak up water. Because of this, even when full of oil and fuel, they will still float.

Marine Booms

Importantly, our Oil & Fuel Marine Booms are constructed with a strong mesh outer sleeve to help resist snags and debris. Also, The Booms have internal ropes for extra strength when linked together.

Furthermore, the mesh surrounds a poly sock which holds main absorbents. Added ability to link the Spill Booms together to form a longer barrier, is most important. In fact, each spill boom has clip locks, which allows quick assembly. Importantly, these clips are simple but strong.

Where to use Marine Oil Spill booms and Kits

Marine oil spill kits are highly effective on spills in seas, streams, rivers, lakes and flooded areas. Indeed, they are highly effective in wet weather situations due to their ability to float even when fully saturated with oil. Firstly, to mobilise Marine spill absorbents you will need either the Booms and sweeps separately. Moreover, our 400 litre carry bag will fit neatly in most aircraft, vehicles and marine vessels. Similarly, the 400 litre carry bag is great for beaches and watercraft rescue. Provided that the spill is not too large, the carry bag is fine. Consequently, for potentially large spills, the wheelie and locker kits are required. For example, if a oil spill kit is required for an industrial wharf or dock, the 1100 litre spill locker is a must.

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