Biological Hazard Signs

Biological Hazard Signs

Biological Hazard Signs or Laboratory Safety Signs warn people that a toxin or Virus may or is present here. Indeed, Biological waste and storage areas should be sign posted. Firstly, we have Wash hands, Cover your cough and general cleanliness signs. Secondly, we have general warning Biohazard signs usually with the Biological warning symbol. Lastly, There are the Danger Signs and Microbiological Signs.

There are also social distancing signs, along with signs like this one:

PC Laboratory Signs. These signs advise no entry and wear protective PPE such as PC-2 and PC-3. Importantly, the Physical Containment levels from PC-1 to PC-4 are crucial advice signs. There is a paper written by Sarah Cooper here:Standard operating procedures Microbiological.


Washing Your Hands

Wash Your Hands is a very popular sign. Similarly, Wear Face Mask and Protective clothing signs are also popular. We have listed most of the Biohazard signs and Warning Signs we produce. However, can’t find Biological Hazard Signs or label on our site? Please use the custom sign area to design your own sign. Contact us if you are not sure. CONTACT US

Wash Hands Signs Wash your hands is most important to curb the spread of disease. Cleansing your hands, and covering your cough is basically mandatory in the workplace now days. Germs are spread through touch and airborne droplets. Indeed, not cleaning your hands, everything you touch, becomes infected. Of course, this is transferred to others when they come into contact.

Laboratory Safety Signs

Furthermore, see our category: Laboratory Safety Signs on our website. Together with the Biological Hazard signs section, list more Biohazard signs. Here you will find many other Biohazard Signs and general Laboratory related Signs. Similarly, browse the Dangerous goods category for more Hazard signs. In addition, Hazardous Chemicals signs and GHS placards can be found here.

In conclusion, warning and reminding the public and fellow workers is important. Of course, manage this with safety signs and Biological Hazard Signs. Indeed, the signs must be placed in strategic position and easily seen. If there is a risk from covid 19, warning and advice signs must be used to warn people. Call us if not sure.

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