Safety Signs For Australian Standards

Regulatory Safety Signs For Australian Standards AS 1319-1994 explained

Here in Australia our Safety Signs are similar to the rest of the world. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, Danger signs can be in a different colour and also have warning images over-seas. In the hope that we can explain the Australian Regulatory Safety Signs correctly, view the categories: HERE.
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Danger Signs

Danger Signs have a distinct black banner with a red oval. Inside the oval is the word DANGER in white lettering. uniquely coloured, the Danger sign has no equal. Indeed, there can only be black text on the white background and no symbols can be used. Ideally, the message should be short and easily read from a distance.
Danger Signs should only be used where there is a chance of Death. Equally important sometimes, is a symbol to enhance the recognition of the Danger. With this in mind, a separate sign may be added to the Danger sign.
See the below example:
Confined space danger sign

Warning Signs

AS 1319-1994 Australian Warning Signs are Yellow with black text and a Warning Triangle. Unlike the Danger Signs, the Warning Sign can have a symbol. Moreover, this is usually placed within a triangle. Importantly, Warning Signs are used where there is a chance of serious injury. Indeed, if there is the Danger of Death, then the Danger sign should be used.
These are Warning Signs:
Warning Signs from National Safety Signs

Emergency and 1st Aid Signs

Emergency Signs are a striking green with white text. Together with the text, a symbol may be used. Indeed, The Emergency Exit signs rely heavily on their symbols. In like manner, First Aid signs usually employ a white cross for easy identification. On the other hand, common Australian ‘Emergency Assembly Point’ Signs have text only, whereas International Assembly Point Signs use a symbol. This is an example of the international assembly point sign:
Emergency assembly point direction

Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs are all red with white text. In addition to the text, some symbols are allowed, such as Fire Extinguisher Signs and Fire Hose reel signs. There are also Fire Door Signs, which are just text. See example below:
Fire Hydrant sign

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs display a message that must be followed. Together with Personal Equipment such as Hard hats for Head Protection and Boots for Foot Protection, Mandatory Signs have many other instructions. The Signs are used in many industries and extensively used in Mining and Work Sites. Furthermore, Multiple instruction can be used within one sign. See Example below:
Mandatory sign

Restriction Signs

Restriction Signs place a defined limit on use of a facility or activity. This includes speed restrictions and permitted activities. Included here are Speed restriction signs and Shared Zone Signs. Specifically shown here is a symbol or text within a red circle.
An example of a Shared Zone Restriction Sign below:
Shared Zone Sign

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs show what is not permitted. The main part of these signs is the red circle arounf a symbol, with a red slash through it, showing the action or object that is prohibited. Indeed, these Prohibition Signs range from No Smoking Right through to No Parking Signs. On the other hand, there are many hundreds of types of Prohibition Signs. They are used extensively.
No Smoking Prohibition Sign

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