Bee Keepers Sign EN7045

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Let everyone know not to poison bees and other insects with toxic chemical pesticides and chemical sprays. No Spraying Bees sign manufactured and shipped from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Another warning sign here: Bee Biosecurity sign

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Bee Keepers Sign

Bee Keepers Sign informs people that Bees are foraging here. In fact, no Spraying of insecticides or any other chemical is allowed. To emphasize Bee safety, a Give Bees a chance sign may help. Indeed, studies have shown that informing the public creates awareness of Environmental needs.

No Pesticides

In General, Pesticides, Insecticides and even Herbicides, can wipe out a bee hive. Owing to the Fires in Australia, many millions of Bees have already died. No need to increrase that.
Also good to read: The Australian Code of Practice for bees

Identify your site

Identifying your apiary sites with Bee aware signs that include your contact details will enable quick contact in the event of a natural disaster, like a bushfire or other threats to bee health such as insecticide spray drift. Indeed, visiting beekeepers and inspectors need to respect your Biosecurity. With signs erected, they will be aware they are entering an apiary site and can ensure that they use clean equipment and clothing.

Bee Biosecurity Sign

See our Honey Bee Biosecurity sign for this purpose.
We do sell small stakes and frames for easy placement of Bee Keepers Sign.

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