Drowning Risk Lake sign IN16284

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Drowning in Lake Risk sign – suggested minimum size is 600mmx450mm. For pole mounting, select aluminium then select brackets here: ( click here ) or see all the brackets here: ( click here )

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Drowning Risk Lake sign

Lake Drowning Risk sign and No swimming Signs available from National Safety Signs. Indeed, Lakes, Dams and ponds on Farms and recreational areas pose a real Danger. Notably, Royal LIFE Saving Australia say; The most common location for toddler drowning deaths on farms are dams. However, the farm environment has a range of other water locations including dams, troughs, irrigation channels, water tanks and swimming pools. You can read an article here: Article. Of course, we can only suggest this Drowning Risk Sign as a means of reminding people of the Danger. We do have other signs for similar situations.

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