Magnetic LED Amber Light Bar A40601

$239.58 inc GST

Amber flashing light bar. 300mm long by 180mm with. These LED light are amazingly bright and can be seen for miles. You can switch between different flashing sequences and on to rolling or rotating types of flashes. Power comes from your vehicle’s power outlet or cigarette lighter outlet. There are 2 super strong magnets on the base of the light bar.
Light brightness from 72 x 0.5w Amber LED’s

SAE J845 Class 1 Certified

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Magnetic LED Amber Light Bar 300mm long. This 12v Flashing Light has adjustable light sequences at the touch of the switch. Furthermore, it is weatherproof and very hardy. This Mini Light bar has 72 x 0.5w Amber LED’s. Dimensions are (L) 310mm x (H) 59mm x (W) 184mm. Importantly, the light is SAE J845 Class 1 Certified.