Non-Ionising radiation sign W30281

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Warn people of non-ionising radiation which is low frequency, long wavelength and low energy electromagnetic waves.

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Non-Ionising radiation sign

Australian Non-Ionising radiation sign is available from National Safety Signs.

Because Non-ionising radiation is made up of low frequency and low energy electromagnetic waves it can excite molecules and atoms causing then to vibrate faster. Indeed, A microwave operates like this.
Furthermore, this includes ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, radiofrequency, very-low and extra-low frequency radiation. Similarly, manufactured sources that include photocopiers, welding equipment, TV, radio and telecommunication transmission towers. Also, mobile phones, microwaves, visual display units and power lines. consequently, Workers may be exposed to high magnetic fields if they work near electrical systems and Towers. High magnetic fields are also found near power saws, drills and other small electric appliances. The strength of the magnetic field depends on equipment design and current flow, not on equipment size, complexity or voltage.
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