Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sock A42220-1

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The Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sock has knitted skin which allows liquids to be absorbed faster and more efficiently. Choose the quantity and size sock you require.

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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sock

The ultra-absorbent Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sock retain the liquid it has absorbed

Having a Knitted cover, this sock has the ability to expand. Furthermore, this means that a 1.2 metre sock will absorb up to 4.5 litres and a 3.0 metre sock will up to a massive 11.25 Litres. This is much more than other socks available. Oil & Fuel Socks offer superb value for money. Indeed, these ‘hydrophobic’Hydrophobic explanation (water repellent) Oil & Fuel absorbent products are designed to absorb oils, fuels, solvents and most petrochemicals from land and water. Likewise, they repel water while readily absorbing all oils and fuels. They will float even when fully saturated with oil, making them ideal for spills on waterways and marine areas.
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