Restricted area Banner A4050

$319.18 inc GST

2 Metre high pull up banner
Note: Will fall over in windy conditions. Great for indoors. Massive visual impact.


Restricted area Banner

Restricted area Banner. Pull up or Roll up safety Banners are another way to get your message across. Use these indoors and in low wind outdoor situations. cartridge is made from Aluminium and the banner pulls out to 2 metres high. The Banner material is high quality and the overall package is made to last. These pull up banners are a quick and easy way to advise people in an indoor environment.

Design your own

You can design your own banner. Just go ( click here ) and enter your text and we will do the rest. if you need any images, you will have to contact us HERE
Contact us you can call us on 07 5665 8996

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