School Bus Warning sign RD469

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School Bus Warning Signs help meet safety compliance and guidelines. These class 1 reflective signs help make other drivers aware there are Children alighting and boarding the school bus. School Bus compliant Warning Signs manufactured in QLD and shipped throughout Australia.

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School Bus Warning sign

New to our range, the School Bus Warning sign. For Australian Compliance, the School Bus sign must be reflective. Note, reflectivity now must be class 1 Class 2 is now being phased put by year end 2020. As these are permanent signs, we decided to just manufacture the class 1 Fluorescent yellow stickers.

School bus signs Government information

School bus to be fitted with warning signs and warning lights
All buses meeting the definition of school bus (whether entering service or already in service in
Queensland) must be fitted with the warning signs and warning lights required under the Transport
Operations (Passenger Transport) Standard 2010.

However, this does not apply to school buses that, immediately before 1 October 1999, complied with the Traffic Regulation 1962 schedule 1
section 18B as it was then in force and continue to comply with that section as though it were still in
force today.

Number and location of School Bus Warning sign

A school bus must have two warning signs, one fitted at the front of the bus and another at the rear of
the bus. The signs may be fitted on the inside or the outside of the bus but each must be visible from
outside the bus. A warning sign may be fitted on the inside of the bus only if the sign:
 is as visible as; and
 is the same colour as; and
 is not significantly dimmer than:
it would be if it were to be fitted on the outside of the bus at the front or rear of the bus. For example,
a warning sign fitted behind a clear back window.
Content, size, shape and materials of warning signs

A warning sign on the front of a school bus must display:
 the words SCHOOL BUS in capital letters at least 100 mm high; or
 the required image.

A School Bus Warning sign on the rear of a school bus must display the required image

Likewise, a required image means an image of two children in the same proportions as the children in AS 1743
(Road Signs—specifications), image W6-3, with the image of the taller child at least 230 mm high.

A warning sign displaying the required image must:
 be a rectangular shape: and either
o if any of the warning lights are on the warning sign, at least 550 mm wide and 400 mm high in
the vertical plane; or
o otherwise, at least 400 mm wide and 250 mm high in the vertical plane; and
 have a black border; and
 have black graphics; and
 be coated, other than over the border or graphics, with retro-reflective material that:
o is yellow; and
o is of class 1 or 2 as described in AS 1906 (Retro-reflective Materials and Devices for Road
Traffic Control Purposes); and complies with AS 1906.

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