Stainless Steel Band – Strapping Rolls STR

From: $89.00

Stainless Steel 201 grade and 316 grade BAND-IT® strapping – 30m coils for fixing signs to any pole shape or structure.
Choose your size. 19mm is usually used for 201. You can see the band being installed here: banding tool
Buckles and tool sold separately. We also have the pre-made buckle straps.
316 grade available in 13mm and 16mm. 13mm is most common for 316.

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Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless Steel Strapping by Band-it. Furthermore, we have 3 sizes in Stainless Steel Band-it Banding, used for mounting signs to poles etc. Also, you will need the Band Buckles as well. Finally, we stock the banding tool and you can find all these online here. You can view the signfix website HERE

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