Stop Sign Non-Reflective RD534

$56.80 ex GST

1.6mm heavy duty Aluminium Octagonal 600mm Laser Cut out. For the Class 1 Reflective R1-1 sign go to RD180. for the sign on square or rectangular aluminium, Click Here Suggest you include protective laminate to extend life of the inks by 2 years. (red is the fastest fading colour). We also have the small 300mm stop sign for kids road learning parks.

For sign mounting hardware, go here


Stop Sign Non-Reflective

Stop Sign Non-Reflective for car parks etc. Normally for public road use these are class 1 Reflective. Indeed, we have that sign on our website as RD180. Besides the Reflectivity, the signs are the same. They are Laser cut 1.6mm Aluminium. This sign is 600mm x 600mm. We also have a 300mm one for playgrounds etc. See CP3308 on our site.

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