Stop Slow Controller Baton A40322

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Stop/Slow Bats are ideal for controlling traffic at temporary hazards or obstructions. Aluminium handle extends from 1.22m to 2.44m. Class 1 reflective. Complies to latest Australian Standards. Note: This is an oversize product and may, (or may not) attract extra Shipping charges depending on where you are in Australia. Pick up from Helensvale, Gold Coast OK. Please click on pick up in the freight.
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Stop Slow Baton

Stop Slow Controller Baton is sometimes known as a traffic controller Bat. Similarly, sometimes called a stop/slow Lollipop sign. Basically, a 450mm disc on a extendable pole with yellow Slow on one side and Red Stop on the other. Furthermore, the actual disc is class 1 Reflective and complies to Australian Standards. Also, it complies for ‘RIIWHS205E Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat’. Pick up in Helensvale, Gold Coast.

Stop Slow Bat bulk buy

We have discounted the Baton to suit those that may need more than one. Indeed, provision is there for 2, 5 and 10 bats. Beware of cheap imports of the Traffic Controller Stop Slow bat, some do not comply to Australian Standards.

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