Cattle Crossing Warning Sign and Stand

Cattle Crossing Warning Sign and Stand kit. Easily warn motorists and other road users of your intention to cross the road with Cattle 200 metres ahead. Owing to Cattle being maimed or killed on farm access roads and roadways, these signs are a good investment. In the hope that the public will notice these signs , we have used a bright yellow swing stand as the mount. Importantly, these stand fold flat for transport or storage.. Also, there’s the option of purchasing your signs in bright warning yellow reflective material.

Mostly these types of signs on Roads and laneways are controlled by your local Council. Permission should be sought from Council to place these signs on road shoulders. Also, 2 signs are needed for the approach from either direction. If you are in Victoria, there are standards for you to follow here: This Cattle Crossing Warning Sign and Stand states Cattle Crossing Warning Sign 200 metres ahead. Indeed, this is a very popular sign, but there are others to choose from.

See our other Farm Animal and Livestock Signs Here: Also, more cattle signs here: Basically, any sign you see can be matched up with a swing stand to make up a sign/stand kit.

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