Reclaimed Effluent Warning sign IN16196

From: $7.20

NSW effluent sign. Choose 300×225 for 20mm text height. Grass spike listed below if needed. (for the corflute sign) See other states reclaimed water and effluent signs here: reclaimed water.
Our Corflute is heavy duty 5mm thick. Beware cheap copies on cheap 3mm corflute. These 3mm types have a very limited life. Only the 5mm can be used with he stake.

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Reclaimed Effluent Warning sign

Reclaimed Effluent Warning sign in the required green colour required by the NSW government. Choose 300×225 and up for 20mm text height. Of course, we have the effluent signs for the rest of Australia.

Recycled water sign

Furthermore we have Recycled water signs elsewhere in our website.

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