Vic Roads stock crossing signs
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Victorian Stock Crossing Sign Kit VicRoads RD543-2

$793.00 ex GST

SKU: RD543-2
Stock Crossing Ahead aluminium Sign Kit comprises 2 x W5-38 stock signs 750mm, 2 x W8-22 crossing ahead signs 750x500 and 2 x R1-V1 hinged stop signs 750mm. All the signs have stiffening braces on the backs and we supply all hardware to attach to your poles. We also supply a quality flashing bar light bar which plus into a cigarette lighter socket and is magnetic. All of these products comply to VicRoads specifications.


  • This is a bulky item and the price the website charges will be likely wrong. We will contact you with a revised freight price. (or contact us first for a quote HERE)
  • You will need to supply four 50mm nominal bore poles (60mm outside diameter) and usually 3.25 metres in length. These must be installed in the verge as per VicRoads instructions Read them here per kit.
  • We also have the kit with the R1-V6 Give way to Stock version and the separate signs and light
    • How to install your Vic Stock Crossing sign kit
    • You will need to purchase 4 x 50mm nominal bore galvanised poles 3.25 metres long and buy the 6 stock crossing signs.
    • These signs are as follows:

    • W5-3B Stock crossing diamond signs 750mm
    • W8-22 Crossing Ahead signs 750x500mm
    • R1-V1 Hinged Stop Signs 750mm
    • Also, You’re required to have a vehicle at the crossing with an amber flashing light on top. This light must be bright and easily seen from a distance. Equally important here, you must supply flood lights if crossing at night. Given that these signs must comply with Australian and Victorian Road regulations, only purchase these through a reputable traffic sign dealer. In particular, the signs must be Class 1 reflective aluminium and be braced on the rear.

    • Victorian Stock crossing sign kit
    • Buying the Complete Crossing kit means you should save money compared to buying individually. Also, the sign kit includes the flashing warning light for vehicles.