Biosecurity planning to protect your property

Biosecurity planning to protect your property

Farm Biosecurity planning to protect your property new Farm Biosecurity Laws.

People should never enter anyone else’s property without permission. Indeed, unauthorised entry at Farms and Feedlots where animals are kept poses a huge biosecurity risk. Furthermore, spread of diseases from infected people to animals is real. Likewise, the spread of diseases and pests carried on people’s clothing. Also on their vehicles or equipment. This is high risk.
Recently, an amendment to Farm Biosecurity Laws came into effect. This addresses potential biosecurity risks of unauthorised entry to places where animals are kept.
Under the amendment, anybody that enters your Farm must comply with Farm Biosecurity Laws. Similarly, This applies when they enter or leave and while present on your property.

A Biosecurity plan to protect your property news article is available from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website. Please, view it here: HERE

Biosecurity Signs

Indeed, yes, Biosecurity Visitors signs are required. Furthermore, signs should easily be seen from afar. Correct sized signs are needed. National Safety Signs have many variations for Biosecurity signs. Therefore, you choose which size sign suits best.

View our Biosecurity Signs here: ( click here ). Similarly, see a collection of Farm Signs here: (see here)

Visitor Biosecurity Signs are made from different materials and sizes. For instance, you could choose a smaller sign to attach to a gate. This Sign will be read when visitors arrive at said gate. Outside boundary fences should display at least 600 x 450mm signs. Internal Farm Roads definately need 900 x 600mm signs. Likewise, we stock suitable large Biosecurity road signs here: ( click here )

Design a Farm Biosecurity Sign

Certainly, You can purchase a ready made Biosecurity sign from us. Maybe, this signage wording doesn’t suit. Therefore, design your own sign easily here: ( click here )

See the new Farm Biosecurity sign

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