AS4970 Tree Protection Zone Sign EN7046

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Tree Protection Zone Sign (TPZ) has an area to write in contact details. If you don’t want Contact Information to be printed on the sign, advise in the additional instructions. Tree Protection Zone Sign (TPZ) manufactured and shipped from Queensland, Australia. We have other signs. See bottom of page. see description below.

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AS4970 Tree Protection Zone Sign

AS4970 – 2009 TPZ Protection of Flora for Environmental Protection Area. Similarly, we have other styles of Tree Protection signs on our website. AS4970 Tree Protection Zone Sign is used manufactured from corflute plastic. However, We also manufacture aluminium and steel. Additionally, if you are looking for Environmental Protection Area signs, we have them also. We can provide a bulk buy price for large orders of signs.


From the Stndards:

A Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) shall be established for the duration of any works near a tree. The tree protection distance method outlined in the current Australian Standard will be used for the allocation of tree protection zones. Indeed, The TPZ for individual trees is calculated based on trunk (stem) diameter (DBH), measured at 1.4 metres up from ground level. Also, The radius of the TPZ is calculated by multiplying the tree’s DBH by 12. For example; a tree with 40cm DBH requires a TPZ of 4.8 metres. The method provides a TPZ that addresses both tree stability and growth requirements. TPZ distances are measured as a radius from the centre of the trunk at ground level. You can read the standards here: Tree protection standards

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