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Carry Bag Marine Spill Kit A42141

$689.00 ex GST

SKU: A42141
250L Marine Spill Kits are designed to handle oil and fuel spills in wharves, waterways, ports, marinas, ponds, harbours and rivers. The absorbents contained in these spill kits are ‘hydrophobic’, meaning that they will float on water even when fully saturated with oil. They won't absorb water. Extra freight charges may apply to this oversize and overweight item.
  • 1 x 250L Carry Bag
  • 100 x Absorbent Pads
  • 4 x Large Absorbent Marine Booms
  • 5 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag
  • 5 x Cable Ties
  • 1 x Pair Red PVC Gloves
  • 1 x Laminated Spill Kit Instructions