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Spill Kits and Control

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Spill Kits and Control

Supplying Hazmat Spill Kits and Control on the Gold Coast and Australia-wide

Full range of Kits, Lockers, spill absorbents and Granular absorbents.
Similarly, we sell Chemical spill Kits and Marine Oil and Fuel Spill Lockers.
Also, we keep a large stock holding in our store. Also, we also have next day access to an even wider range of spill control products in most Capitals. Call into our store in Helensvale to buy products. We keep most kits in stock. Likewise, we stock spill trays and bunded pallets. This includes the IBC spill pallet.
National Safety Signs stock spillage kits for General Purpose, Chemical and Oil and Fuel etc. Also, we also Stock the refill products for your kit.
Please note the Litres quoted are for the size of the container that holds the Absorbent products. Also, our Kits absorb many times that in liquid and have a high absorbing capability. Above all, Kits are all assembled in Australia. Similarly, the Wheeled bins are made in Australia.
Looking for our store? Our store on Google maps ( Google maps ).
Phone us on 07 5665 8996 or send us a message. We are one of the most competitive sellers in Australia.

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