Fire Extinguisher Sticker F1444

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Fire Extinguisher sticker

This Fire Extinguisher sticker is designed for Site vehicles and Mining Vehicles. These Fire Extinguisher stickers should be placed on the vehicle in the area that the Fire extinguisher is housed and is easily seen. There is also a First Aid kit sticker HERE and any Hazchem stickers HERE

Sizes and bulk packs

we have 3 different sizes and you can buy them seperately or in packs of 10 or 20. These stickers are made from quality polymeric vinyl and have a long outdoor life. The glue is a permanent adhesive, but can be removed easily with the help of a heat gun.

National Safety Signs

National Safety Signs are an all Australian Business and all our signs are made right here by us. We are also a signwriter and can manufacture all other types of signs for your needs.

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