Spill containment Spill Tray A42300

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Spill containment Spill Tray is perfect for maintaining a clean, tidy and compliant work area. The one piece moulded units have removable grates for easy cleaning. Select you size. You can contact us beforehand for freight costs HERE



Spill containment Spill Tray

Looking for a Spill containment Spill Tray ? Drum Spill Trays are designed for the safe storage of hazardous liquids in containers. Furthermore, Containers can range from 2L to 90L. Also, Keep your workplace clean, tidy and complying with environmental standards with a spill tray. Similarly, designed for drums, cans and containers, oily parts and tools.

Our Spill trays are made from highly durable, chemical and UV resistant polyethylene. Furthermore, spill trays won’t corrode from harsh liquids and are fine to store outdoors. Spill containment drum Trays are easy to clean and completely reusable. Just remove the grate to recover the liquid and clean with absorbent wipes. Save room in storage areas with this space efficient storage solution, which can be placed on shelves, minimising risks of slips, trips and falls. Save money on replacing expensive liquid leaks, the generous sump capacity of the drum tray captures spilled liquids

Spill control information

Also, See more spill control ( click here ) You can read a NSW Government article here: ( click here )

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