Clear Lens TITAN LED Rotating Beacon A40609-1


TITAN LED Rotating Clear Lens Beacon Hardwired version. We also have the magnetic one. Titan is the Leading version of all rotating beacons.

  • Pictured is Rotating Beacon for hard wiring.
  • Direct silicone Drive for quiet operation
  • CE and EMC/EMI Certified
  • 12 Volt to 24 Volt 12 x 3 watt yellow super bright LED’s
  • Polycarbonate UV stabilised lens and base.
  • Clear lens SAE J845 Class 1 Certified yellow LED’s
  • H 141mm H x D 161mm
    Class 1 standards for SAE/J845 are the brightest of all 3 classes, being four times brighter than Class 2 and 10 times brighter than Class 3. The new Titan series easily complies with these standards. Indeed, it has 12 high brightness 3-watt yellow LEDs that deliver a powerful 360-degree rotating yellow light.
    Meets and exceeds all requirements for Pilot and Escort vehicles.
    We can supply magnetic versions by special order.

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    Clear Lens TITAN LED Rotating Beacon Hard Wired. Notably, this beacon complies to SAE J845 Class 1. It has the Certified clear lens / Yellow LED. Importantly, the Rotating LED Beacon has 12 x 3 watt super dazzling LED’s. Also, the noise emitted from this beacon is minimal due to the Direct Silicone Drive. Importantly, this Beacon doesn’t use the old ‘lacky band’ style of drive. Furthermore, We sell the amber lens version as well See here. See an article HERE
    You can read the SAE standards HERE and also what types of vehicles use Beacons HERE

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