Zebra Rear Marker Do Not Overtake – T2728

$79.90 ex GST

These rear marker strips are in two pieces of 1230mm x 130mm, Class 1 Reflective adhesive sheeting. Sold as a pair. Total length 2.460 Metres. Also note, this rear marker does not comply with current VSB12 regulations as here: VSB12 regulations


Zebra Rear Marker Do Not Overtake

Full width Marker for Truck trailer or tray. Also, Zebra Marker is class 1 Reflective sheeting. Easily fixed to a clean flat surface, the Class 1 reflective Do Not overtake turning vehicle marker is 2460mm x 130mm. Furthermore, the marker is in two halves for ease of affixing.

Most noteworthy, is this rear Zebra marker is Class 1 reflective. Certainly, Class 1 reflective rear markers will therefore replace all Class 2 plates by 2020. Also, see an article here: (click here)

National safety Signs only uses top grade products. Your order is shipped out real fast. Likewise, See more truck signs here: (click here)

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