Do not overtake turning vehicle Signs 400mm NSW T2713

From: $46.50

ONE PAIR 400mm Do not overtake turning vehicle Rear Markers.

Class 400 Reflective on metal or as an adhesive marker – Class 1 is Class 400. Note: Class 2 is now phased out. Beware other online sites still selling the Class 2 versions, as these will not comply. if you need to replace your old worn ones. OK to leave replacing your markers if they are still in good condition. You cannot buy new Class 2 reflective plates from now on.

For NSW Heavy Vehicles or National registered, the 400mm size has 50mm text. However, if room is a problem for these large signs, you can use a small Marker Click here(make sure you select the NSW one) and some reflective marker strips SEE HERE so your heavy vehicle or trailer is easily seen.

Or you may want to look at T 2713B or T2731 as an alternative outside NSW.
Choose your options. Price will decrease with quantity on the adhesive markers. You can also select overlaminate if you wish as it prolongs the life of the signs and helps guard against damage. ie: Caustic Truck wash and pressure cleaners
You can read up on the rules HERE and an article Click here

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Do not overtake turning vehicle sign 400mm NSW

Do not overtake turning vehicle signs or Do not overtake marking plates are a Mandatory for Trucks and Heavy or oversized vehicles. Uniquely easily identifiable from a distance to remind drivers not to pass on the left hand side if the heavy vehicle is turning. Indeed, most trucks and vehicle combinations over 7.5 metres need space to turn.

Do not overtake marking plates should be Class 1 (Class 400) reflective now. Do not make the mistake of buying old Class 2 reflective as they will not comply. These are available in 400mm and sold as a pair for NSW. These are the new Reflective 400mm NSW and came into use from 2021. Get your new signs now. Alternately, If your old Class 2 markers are still in good condition, you can hold off.

Do not overtake turning vehicle marking plates

You can read up on the rules HERE and read an article HERE
The 400mm Do not overtake marking plates have a permanent Glue and adhere well to most clean mostly flat surfaces. You can select to have a protective overlaminate added to your sticker surfaces. Of course, you can buy our metal marker plates as well.

Buy Safety Signs Online

You can buy all your truck and Safety Signs here on our website. You can even design your own HERE For any Dealer enquiries on Do not overtake turning vehicle signs or if you have a large order, please contact us.
Also, there is more information on the phasing out of the old markers HERE.
Further to our information above, there is this information from the national Code of practice:
Rear marking plates are categorised according to their overall width
and height and are assigned a code on this basis: for example, a
300mm wide x 100mm high plate is designated as Category 31.
• Category 31L and 33L plates only feature the DO NOT OVERTAKE
TURNING VEHICLE message (known as a legend), indicated by
the letter L after the category number.
• Category 33 plates are marking symbols only.
• Category 34A and 34B plates combine marking symbol and
legend, with letters A or B to indicate direction of the symbol.
• Category 161, 81 and 41 plates are strip plates with the letter A,
B or C to indicate the direction of the colour bands on the plate.
You can read that HERE

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