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Rear Marker Plates Discontinued 2020

Rear Marker Plates Discontinued 2020

Rear Marker Plates VSB12 for Heavy Vehicles have a change this year, 2020. Indeed, by the end of 2020, Marker Plates will all need to be Class 1 Reflective. Meanwhile, if you need replacement plates now, you should use the Class 1 version. This includes the ‘Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle’ plates. Also, all other plates including Cat 31L, 41, Cat 81, Cat 161 and Cat 615 are affected. Marker Plates must comply with AS4001.1. You can read the standards here: AS4001.1

Class 2 Reflective plates

Class 2 reflective plates will discontinue by December 2020. Ultimately, this means you will need to change to Class 1 by 1st January 2021. in reality, this is pretty important and somewhat costly to the heavy vehicle industry. Indeed, there are figures that suggest 45% of existing rear markers are class 2 reflective at time of writing.
Where to buy class 1 Rear markers: Truck and Heavy vehicle signs Furthermore, National Safety Signs have lots of Variations on the Do Not Overtake turning Vehicle markers. Indeed, not just for trucks, trailers and Buses, but Caravan/car combinations as well.

Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Plates

Really, if your Marker Plates are looking a bit faded, scratched or drab, now would be a good time to replace them. You can buy these marker plates securely online using credit card, EFT or Paypal. Likewise, you can phone your order through. We usually have all the Rear Marker plates in stock and can ship same day if you get in early enough. Alternately, you can pick up from our Helensvale store if you are local. Remember, Our prices are set to compete with other online stores, even though most stores sell imported markers. We make all our own signs. Finally, if you buy bulk, we can do a wholesale price.

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