Do not overtake turning vehicle T2706

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Select laminate if you wish as it prolongs the life of the signs and helps guard against damage. eg: Caustic Truck wash and pressure cleaners. For NSW registration, choose the 400 x 150mm to comply. Sticker only.

31L Class 400 Reflective sticker for caravan combinations etc. Also available in Aluminium and Steel in the 400x100mm size

If you need larger, we have it ! We also have the long rear markers for tray and tilt tray trucks.
Place on left hand side. Any Vehicle over 7.5 Metres in length must display this sign.
If you need the pair of rear markers ( click here )
Read up about these signs HERE. Also, read an article on Markers for NSW registered heavy vehicles HERE

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Do not overtake turning vehicle

Do not overtake turning vehicle rear marker CAT31L in Class 400 Reflective prismatic grade.

Importantly, the Adhesive marker has a strong permanent glue and is very robust. We also have the NSW compliant markers. Metal Signs are available in Steel or Aluminium. Although, size is restricted to 400×100 only.

Any Vehicle over 7.5 Metres in length (or combination) must display a Do not overtake sign. Furthermore, the CAT31L marker must be affixed on the left hand side of the vehicle/trailer/caravan at least 400mm off the ground. You can read up on the rules on the Government’s website. Also, we have these in steel or aluminium 400x100mm.
See all our vehicle and truck signs, markers, plates and flip cards online. Also, visit the Code of practice VSB12 information bulletin HERE
Alternately, if the 400×400 pair of markers for Heavy Vehicles in NSW is needed, Click here

Fast shipping

Order your CAT31L Do not overtake turning vehicle sign today and we’ll ship your order out to you same, or by next working day. Normally, we have plenty of these turning vehicle Class 400 markers in stock. National Safety Signs is the manufacturer of these CAT31L markers, and this is written on each sign.

If you need a sign we don’t seem to list, feel free to contact us HERE

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