Rear Marker Plate Cat 34 Class 400 Reflective T2731

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One Size only 400x300mm For 2021 there are these 400×300 with DNOTV text on both sides, or the 300×300 style with a separate Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle sign 300×100 placed elsewhere. This one. These are sold in Pairs. Select laminate if you wish as it prolongs the life of the signs and helps guard against damage. ie: Caustic Truck wash and pressure cleaners
Made from Class 400 reflective. Choose sticker or metal. Read the Description below for more info.
Class 2 reflective is not allowed in Australia.

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Rear Marker Plate Cat 34 Class 400 Reflective

Do not overtake Rear Marker Plate Cat 34 Class 400 Reflective 400mm x 300mm.

Importantly, These are the new Rear markers for heavy vehicles. One Cat34A coupled with, Cat 34B. New for 2021, these 400mm high Markers have the ‘Do not overtake Turning Vehicle’ wording on both sides. Consequently, this conveys the message easier. Indeed, when you think about it, long vehicles and combinations cut across a corner for left or right turns. Some intersections are worse than others. Therefore, having the DNOTV text on both sides, makes sense.

You can read the regulations HERE. Also, see our other styles, such as Cat 33 and variations HERE.

What is class 400

Class 400 is class 1W reflective sheeting. Confused? Simply put, there are 2 main reflectives in the sign making business. Class 1 and Class 2. Firstly, Class 1W is used on all your road signs etc. Secondly, Class 2 is the original reflective material (like your vehicle number plate). There is an article HERE. Also, another article HERE Consequently, because of class 2 colours fading fast, and reflectability was low, Class 1 (class 400) was selected.

What is legal for Heavy vehicle rear markers

Indeed, It is forbidden to sell or fit class 2 reflective rear do not overtake turning vehicle markers now. Fitting class 2 rear do not overtake markers in 2021 will not comply to Australian Standards. Heavy vehicles and trailers with existing class 2 markers can keep them until they fade or get damaged. Of course, then, they must be replaced with the new reflective markers and new sizes.

How to buy Do not overtake turning vehicle signs

Here at National Safety Signs we hold a good selection of Rear markers for heavy vehicles. Also, For vehicles and combinations over 7.5 metres in length, but not over 10 tonnes must have a do not overtake marker. Click here. Mostly, all car and caravan combinations will require one. Buying online is easy. We mail out every working day and have all these markers in stock. Also, we manufacture these ourselves, so the quality is assured. If you are not sure on anything, call us (07 5665 8996) or email us HERE

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