Do not overtake turning vehicle Class 400 rear marker plates
100% Made in Australia

Rear Marker Plate Cat33 Class 400 T2730

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SKU: T2730
ONE PAIR 300mm Do not overtake turning vehicle Rear Markers. NOTE: Select laminate if you wish as it prolongs the life of the signs and helps guard against damage. ie: Caustic Truck wash and pressure cleaners. The old 400mm square rear do not overtake turning vehicle markers (except for NSW) are phased out. Indeed, you should use the 300mm style with the class 400 reflective and an extra CAT31L DNOTV sign See here, or the 400x300 style See here.

This marker set is Class 400 Reflective on steel or as an adhesive marker - Class 1 diamond grade sheeting is Class 400. Note: Class 2 will be slowly phased out by 2020 end. Beware other online sites still selling the class 2 versions. These will not comply by year end 2020 if you need to replace your old worn ones. OK to leave replacing your markers if they are still in good condition. You cannot legally buy new class 2 reflective plates from now on.

Choose your options. Price will decrease with quantity on the adhesive markers. You can also select over-laminate for increased life of the markers. You can read up on the rules HERE
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