Farm Biosecurity Management Sign with Farm Check In EN32225

From: $34.41

New Farm Check In App Signage as per QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Including QR Code for remote access check in. Just need to install the Farm Check-In App available on Apple and Android.

Available in corflute (fluteboard plastic) or aluminium. 2 Sizes available (you select) We have many other Biosecurity Signs HERE Corflute is 5mm thick and quite strong. However, it is classed as a temporary sign.

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Farm Biosecurity Management Sign

Available now, Farm Biosecurity Management Sign including QR code for Farm Check In App. First of all, it’s a brand new Biosecurity Sign. Similar to our existing Farm Biosecurity Signs. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have released a paper here: (Click Here).

Further to this new legislation, you must Have a Biosecurity Plan in place and be registered. Furthermore, Biosecurity Signage is needed to warn visitors of your Biosecurity Management plan.

If you are visiting a property you can scan the QR code to complete form prior to entry. The form will be lodged with farm owner or manager for approval.

Biosecurity planning to protect your property

People should never enter anyone else’s property without permission. Indeed, unauthorised entry at Farms and Feedlots where animals are kept, poses a huge biosecurity risk. Furthermore, spread of diseases from infected people to animals is real. Likewise, the spread of diseases and pests carried on people’s clothing, their vehicles or equipment is high risk.

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