Cat 161 Rear Marking Kit T2715

$75.00 ex GST

Cat 161 strip plates class 400 reflective Sticker 3 piece kit. This sheeting has strong adhesive properties. This product is in 3 pieces totaling 1600mm x 100mm. You can mix and match these rear markers from other sized strip markers. See VSB12 suggestions HERE
This kit is made up from one CAT 81C, one CAT 41A and one CAT 41B. See them elsewhere on our site.
NOTE To prolong life from pressure cleaning and cleaning chemicals, we suggest you order the protective laminate as well.

    • 22 $


Cat 161 Rear Marking Kit for heavy Vehicles and Trailers. cat161 marking plate is made from highly reflective class 400 material and hi-bond glue for adhesion. This rear marker kit is 1600mm total width and 100mm high. Also, you will need to use the CAT 31 Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle plate See here. Furthermore, Space restraints may hinder the placement of our CAT 161. No problem, You can mix and match other rear strip markers as advised VSB12 regulations. Moreover, check out all the rear marker plates here: Truck Signs.

New VSB12 Regs

Because Rear Markers rules changed for 2021 in Australia, class 2 reflective is no longer allowed to be sold. Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Rear Marker Plates are changing. By the end of 2020, all of these DNOTV plates cannot be manufactured from Class 2 reflective. You can read about it HERE. Importantly, Cat 161 Marking Plate is made by us here in QLD !

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