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Brushed Aluminium Signs

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Brushed Aluminium Signs

Brushed Aluminium Signs are available in set sizes and text. We can manufacture custom sizes and/or text for you. Please contact us ( click here ) or phone 07 5665 8996 for anything not listed here.
A Brushed Aluminium sign is made from composite board which is a 3mm plastic centre sandwiched by 2 sheets of alloy and is quite strong. We can also supply the composite board in other finishes and colours. Text is Cast vinyl (best quality) cut out letters and figures. We may use Polymeric clear Vinyl over the top instead of cut outs if there is to be colours or the font is a script type or too small. We mainly used Arial Black as our text but will look at other fonts that you may like. Just ask.


We will ship your sign order 2 to 5 working days after you lodge the order with us, although for custom sizes and large quantities, it may take longer.
You don’t have to have a border on your sign, please just ask for it to be removed in the ‘additional instructions’ text box.